Chloes Chemoo Cows


Chloe was a great role model for Emma. Emma always looked up to Chloe and wanted to be just like her. She loved her fashion and thought her to be very beautiful and cool. Chloe was very funny and brought much happiness to our lives. We miss our girlie days out with Auntie Elaine and Chloe. We miss Chloe dearly.

Allison, John and Emma

Moovelous website! Loved the list of fun things to do in hospital, hilarious! Great detailed info and the photos are great.


Chloe was like no other best friend you could ask for! We did so many funny things together like dressing up like spies and covering the whole of the bedroom with wool; pretending it was lasers!


We always went to the nearby park and played such imaginative games, pretending we were singers, singing at the top of our voices not caring who would hear us, making up our own songs and yes I remember most of them! Dressing up like celebs and using pretend names such as Ashley, Paris and London! We were forever dressing up making new stylish outfits and other silly things!


There was one winter when we had got off our little school bus in P6 and the whole ground was covered in snow but oh no Chloe and I couldn’t leave it perfect like a white blanket we just had to mess it up! We went sliding up and down on our stomachs, making snow angels, it really was freezing but we didn’t care! However we were slightly late getting home and got a bit of a telling off but we just giggled all over again about it!


In P3 Chloe and I had made our own clothing line, C&M clothing, we had small notebooks and would design crazy things from bright leg warmers and silk belts! There's so many memories about Chloe, endless fun games and the things we did!

Maeve X

Reach for the moon, if you fall you’ll land on a star! Chloe's words... Right from the start l didn’t know you that well but you were all our friends and l know it's your birthday tomorrow so... l know your not here but you'll still be in all of our hearts! You no that don't you Chloe :)xxx We all miss you so so so so much lots of love and l hope you have a brilliant day!!!!!!!! l love you Chloe we all do and will never forget you! xxxxxxxxxx

We all love you Chloe xxxxxxxx

Love Jasmine

u are a truly amazing little girl touched so many hearts ur mum and dad must b so proud

xxx Vyvyan

Just like to say great website with lots of information for all ages

Kevin C

Hi my name is Eilidh hunter, I was friends with chloe and Kathryn at Irvine Bay, we did everything together in gymnastics. I remember we all went swimming together and the gymfest disco, me my sister Annie and Kathryn were all in fits of laughter at all the random things that Chloe was saying it was so funny! Another time Chloe and Kathryn came to my house and we were all on the trampoline laughing at Chloe because she was deliberately getting the moves wrong! It was a pleasure to have known Chloe and I have good memories of being with her.

Eilidh H

Chloe, "A Celebration of Human Spirit"

The Gilmour Family

Hi, I just wanted to email and say that the website is fantastic! A wonderful reflection of your beautiful girl!

Michelle M xxx

Well done to you both. A fantastic tribute to a talented and loving girl. I hope you get tons of hits for this site. Take care

Tommy N

I didn't have the chance to meet Chloe, but Mark and Elaine, her parents are a totally inspiration. What a fitting tribute this website is, very well done to them! Chloe would be so proud. Keep up the good work guys, I'm sure this site will be a good support mechanism for others in your situation, and give them the strength to carry on.

Much love, Brenda.B xx

My son also goes to Annick and although was only in primary 2 at the time Chloe passed away, she has made a lasting impression on him. He often talks of her and always, always says , "she was really pretty, mum" . What a special wee girl. My husband and son are going to do a charity climb of Goat Fell with all donations made to Chloe's site. Xx

Mandy C

This is a beautiful webpage and an amazing tribute to a remarkable young girl x God bless all her family. God must have needed another angel sleep tight Chloe xx

Sharon M

Chloe sounds like a truly incredible young lady. The website is amazing and I wish you well with all the fundraising. Your daughter is now your guardian angel looking over you everyday. Take care.

Leigh x


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Chloes Chemoo Cows