Chloes Chemoo Cows


What a lovely site in memory of your beautiful daughter. I hope it helps many, many people. I am sure it will! God Bless
xx Ruth G

I just wanted to say what a beautiful site this is for such a beautiful little girl. Your little girl would be so proud of what you have done. Sending you Much Love and thinking of you today on Chloe's birthday.

I have followed Chloe's life through her illness and she was an inspiration to many and lived life to the full no matter what. The family must be very proud and the people who met her are very privileged. I think the website is a great idea and as a cow lover and collector of all things COW I love it even more.

hi, one memory of chloe is her party! It was so much fun and she looked so happy. miss u always
xxx Courtney

I love your website. Chloe's story is such an inspiration to everyone. She will never be forgotten. This is such a worthy cause for any fundraising events.

Amazing Girl You Always Are
For Ever More It Will Go So Far
We Will Remember You In Our Heart
You Will Always Remind Us Of A Pink Jam Tart
Now You’re Gone Everything's So Wrong
Every Day We Will Have To Be Strong

Just To Let You Know We Are Thinking About You And Feel So Sorry For Your Family
Andrew and Joseph

What a wonderful website...did bring a few tears to my eyes but know that Chloe would have loved it. She was an inspiration to us all and will never be have made an amazing job setting it up...
All my Alice

chloe was a lovely little girl even though i only met her a few times. she was gorgeous and a lil poser i hope shes doing okay up there.
xxx Nicole McQ

never knew chloe that well but she was such a pretty face! her story has touched lots of people, such an inspiration! this website is an amazing way of showing her strength! rest in peace chloe!
Janie xx

What a wonderful site, can't put into words what I feel. Chloe must have been a massive love in your life, I wish you all the love in the world
Charles H

hi my names Courtney, i was friends with Chloe in primary, i just want to say im thinking of you elaine and mark. im so sorry. chloe was an incredibly girl so brave miss her always xxxx sleep tight chloe ill never forget u your an angel from above xxx
miss you from courtney xxx

this website is truly amazing , shows how much everyone loves you! i think of you EVERYday and i really miss you. this website put a smile on my face cause a lot of other people are in the same shoes as you but you were a very important girl to everyone , rest in peace sweety!
Tiia G

I never properly met Chloe but once spoke to her when she was in my work (New Look), she was thrilled to have her t-shirt designed and sold and told me how she had an amazing time when she was in London in the limo and signing over the design of her t-shirt to new look. In that brief conversation with her and her parents they all seemed so positive and upbeat despite the terrible situation they were in. She seemed like an inspiration and certainly touched my heart that day.
Heather M Xxx

I have millions of great memories with you too many to write and i can always remember you always loving fashion and creating new looks all the time. i can even remember a time we thought we were witches and made potions and fell in ponds, loads of crazy things we did that i wil never forget, i will always remember you chloe you were the most amazing best friend ive ever had.
Chelsea xxx


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Chloes Chemoo Cows