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Irvine Bay Gymnastics Club held a "Day Of Gymnastics" on Sunday 14th August. This was an entire day of different disciplines in gymnastics, with teams and coaches coming from different parts of Scotland to take part in the event. We decided to dedicate the Day Of Gymnastics to the memory of our friend and fellow gymnast, Chloe McNeil, who had recently passed away. Chloe designed a t-shirt for New Look, which the display team wore to Gymfest this year. She also designed the official t shirt for Gymfest. It was the fastest selling t shirt in the event's history and profits from the sale of the t-shirt were added to donations collected throughout the weekend to raise £1000 for Make A Wish Foundation who made Chloe's fashion designer dreams come true. On the Day of Gymnastics we awarded a scholarship in Chloe's name which pays for a gymnast's fees for a year.


The lucky candidate has to embody all that Chloe was to our club – hardworking, dedicated, cheerful, helpful, a good role model to others and a good ambassador for the club.


Chloe was an integral part of Irvine Bay GC, being among one of the founder members. Chloe was a popular and talented girl who formed many strong and close friendships particularly within the Display Team. Anyone who met Chloe cannot ever forget that huge smile and sunny personality. We should all feel privileged that she touched our lives in some way, however small. Chloe fought her illness bravely and was always able to see the positive throughout.


We have a memory book available that everyone is free to contribute to, which will then be passed on to the family.


In honour of Chloe, our future Club Championships and Day Of Gymnastics will be a tribute to Chloe's positive outlook on life. We will celebrate her love of gymnastics and imagine her beaming smile on us all.




This year's recipient of the Chloe McNeil Scholarship is Renee Riddell from Irvine. In addition, the committee decided to award a separate acro scholarship to Heather Gilmour from Kilwinning, as she had exhibited the same attributes. Both girls are delighted with their scholarships and are honoured to represent Chloe and continue her legacy. The scholarship will be an annual award and we hope that Chloe's positivity will be prominent in the club through the scholarship recipients.


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Chloes Chemoo Cows