Chloes Chemoo Cows


Xx Chloe xX


No matter how much time passes,
We'll never understand this
And words can only touch on,
Just how much you will be missed.

Mum and Dad are lost now,
They don't know what to do
How can they imagine,
A life here without you?

You'll always be a part of us,
No matter where you are
I like to think you're dancing,
Somewhere up amongst the stars.

You have to keep them strong Chlo,
Let them know you're near
Tell them that they've got to try
And let go of the fear

You'll always be our perfect niece,
No other could come close,
Your gorgeous smile, those sparkling eyes
And all those trendy clothes!

I know right now it feels like,
This life is never-ending
And it hurts so very much -
Where's the happy ending?

You touched so many lives Chloe,
In oh so many ways
We're going to miss that laughter,
That brightened up our days.

But one day you'll be together again,
Just the way it should be
Until then, we'll all miss you
Each and every single day
And why should we want, the hurt to go away?

You were Gwan and Gwandad's poppet,
Their little shining star
And that will never stop,
No matter where you are.

The only comfort that we have
Is that you're now pain free
That's the way in a perfect world,
It always should have been.

Zack will miss your stories,
That filled his little days
But he will always know of his big cuz
Who was so very brave.

Chloe's Chemoo CowsSo go now, dance amongst the stars
And watch us from above
And always, always know
Just how much that you are loved.

TJ's lost a little of the wag there in his tail,
He's going to miss you Chloe,
Who's going to paint his nails …?

Chloe's Chemoo CowsLove you millions...Auntie Kelly



Chloes Chemoo Cows