Chloes Chemoo Cows


Chloe had always loved gymnastics! She and her best friend Kathryn both attended Irvine Bay Gymnastic club where they trained for hours and hours every week! Like every other gymnast in the world, Chloe was constantly jumping and tumbling about the house!


However suddenly these things were out of the question, Chloe's condition meant she was unable to participate and she decided to take a break until she was well enough to return, Kathryn took a break too, she said she wasn't going back until Chloe could!


The club were fantastic, everyone sent cards and messages and when they travelled to participate in the Perth Gymfest the following month, they brought her back a t-shirt and a medal. Chloe was very touched; she was really upset to be missing Gymfest, as it was her favourite event.


Special edition t-shirt


As the year progressed the club continued to keep in touch and Chloe was always invited along to all their events. On hearing about Chloe's Make a Wish cupcake t-shirt, the club decided to wear them to perform at the May Gymfest which was being held in Irvine, our hometown!


Due to Chloe's success with the cupcake t-shirt and the fact that she was unable to perform, Scottish Gymnastics contacted her and asked her to design the official t-shirt for the event, Chloe was thrilled and immediately agreed.


On Saturday 30th April 2011 Chloe marched on to the floor to present her club to the Gymfest crowd, the team performed their routine wearing her cupcake t-shirt and Chloe was thrilled to be part of it all!


The event sold close to 1000 of her GymFest t-shirts, which was 300 more than any other year. It also raised nearly £1000 for Make a Wish!


Special Edition t-shirt


Scottish Gymnastics said the sales figures were amazing! They also said they couldn't believe the change in the atmosphere at GymFest and put that down to both Make a Wish and Chloe's involvement.


Due to the success of the event Scottish Gymnastics contacted us again and asked Chloe to design another t-shirt, this time for the October Gymfest 'Spooktacular'.


Unfortunately Chloe was unable to do this in time however as a tribute to Chloe, Scottish Gymnastics have based the design on Chloe's original Gymfest t-shirt, and given it a Halloween look, we can't wait to see it!


A Tribute to Chloe McNeil - Scottish Gymnastics

Chloes Chemoo Cows